Factors to consider when buying a digital mixer for a church

Here are some factors to consider when buying a digital mixer for a church: 1. Input and Output Needs [Image of Digital mixer with multiple inputs and outputs] It’s always a good idea to get a mixer with more inputs and outputs than you think you’ll need. This will give you room to grow and […]

7 ways to make money as a music producer in Kenya

The Kenyan music scene is vibrant and offers several ways for music producers to make a living. Here are 7 ideas to get you started: Remember, building a successful career takes time and effort. Focus on honing your skills, networking with other music professionals in Kenya, and consistently putting out great work.

Why Invest in Genuine Avid Pro Tools Software?

Avid Pro Tools is a powerhouse in the world of digital audio workstations (DAWs). But with numerous DAW options available, why choose the genuine Pro Tools software? Here’s a breakdown of the benefits: Its familiarity and established workflows make collaboration with other audio professionals seamless. Many studios consider Pro Tools proficiency a prerequisite. ·  ·  […]

Unveiling the Music Production Studio: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

The music production studio, once an exclusive domain of seasoned professionals, has become increasingly accessible in the digital age. Yet, for aspiring music makers, navigating the world of DAWs, audio interfaces, and studio monitors can feel overwhelming. This guide serves to deconstruct the core elements of a music production studio, empowering you to cultivate your […]


MPC One+ brings a fiery spark to the creative process and delivers wireless capabilities for expanded access to sounds, plugins, connectivity, and beyond. Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (May 30, 2023) – Akai Professional, a leading musical equipment and computer software manufacturer for performers and producers, is proud to unveil MPC One+. MPC One+ delivers a […]

Universal Audio Releases New Apollo Twin X USB Audio Interface

Track and mix with elite-class Apollo X conversion and Realtime UAD Processing on Windows computers SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • September 01, 2023 — Universal Audio Inc. (UA), a worldwide leader in audio production tools including the popular Apollo and Volt audio interfaces, UAD plug-ins, and UA microphones, is proud to release Apollo Twin X USB, […]

Introducing UA Microphones

Introducing UA Microphones — Industry Leader Universal Audio Inc. Announces Flagship UA Bock Recording Mics; Award-Winning Sphere Digital Modeling Mic; and Standard Series Mics for Content Creators — SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • FEBRUARY 15, 2022Universal Audio (UA), a worldwide leader in audio production tools including the popular Apollo and Volt audio recording interfaces, UAD plug–ins, LUNA recording application, and […]

Universal Audio Ships Arrow Desktop Audio Interface For Music Creators

— Arrow Thunderbolt 3 interface delivers album-quality results with class-leading sound quality, Unison™ mic preamps, and Realtime UAD Plug-In Processing — Universal Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio recording hardware and software, is proud to introduce the Arrow Thunderbolt 3 audio interface for Mac and Windows — now available in stores worldwide. Featuring two […]

Native Instruments releases first season of KOMPLETE TruTorials

Twelve short videos featuring inspirational tips and tricks from the cutting edge of contemporary electronic music Native Instruments has released season one of KOMPLETE TruTorials. Following in the footsteps of the ever-popular MASCHINE TruTorials series, each video explains an inspirational sonic tip or trick using KOMPLETE instruments and effects in 90 seconds or less. The […]

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